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  • (Excerpt from an interior design article; using water fountains to compliment room decor.)
  • Everybody knows that outside environments can be visually and audibly enhanced by the soothing sounds made by garden waterfalls and fountains. Now you can enhance your home environment using smaller, decorator indoor models; cascading waterfalls and splashing fountains that offer the same peaceful sounds, and are equally relaxing.
  • Indisputably, moving water is therapeutic. It helps reduces stress, and calms frazzled nerves. Hand in hand with aroma therapy, peace and calm can be much improved in your home with the use of fountains and cascading waterfalls. Whether opting for a table, floor, or wall model, each is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges. You are sure to find one to suit your individual needs and compliment your decor.
  • A table sized fountain can help turn the mundane into something special. More charming than a decorative candle, more eye-catching than a floral centerpiece, table fountains are easy to set up and maintain. Whether molded plastic, lava rock, slate, or metal, one piece or moving parts, models can range in price from $20 to over $100.
  • Use a floor model for larger spaces. Perfect in the corner of a den, in foyers, or in rooms with high, vaulted ceilings. Large and understated, or one that adds an exotic touch – demanding more attention, floor fountains compliment the room and make a statement about the person who decorated it. Calm, cool, and contemplative.
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  • (Excerpt from an article on tourism; Modena, Italy)
  • Only thirty minutes northwest of Bologna by train, Modena is like stepping back in time to an ancient, more romantic era. Stroll along the tight city centre; pass lavish architectures that speak rich history, and quaint shops that offer a welcoming smile.
  • Bisected by Via Emilia, running past the edge of Piazza Grande, the city centre’s stone buildings and arcades form the heart of much of Modena’s life. Dominating the square, the twelfth-century Duomo is one of the finest products of Romanesque period in Italy. Along the west facade, the portal is supported by two impressive lions, fringed with marvelous sculptures.
  • Inside the Duomo rests the lovely Romanesque cathedral, begun in 1099, consecrated by Lucius III in 1184. It rises to a high choir, supported by more lions and crouching figures, and displays on its interior walls scenes from the Old and New Testaments, sculptured in white marble.
  • Located at the far, northwestern end of the Via Emilia, the Palazzo dei Musei houses various city museums and art galleries.

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